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Exploring the heritage of South Fife and the Firth of Forth through poetry by Larissa Reid and mixed media art by Elspeth Knight

 October 28th - November 20th 2022

Open weekends Fri-Sun 11am-5pm

Glisk Gallery, 113-115 High St, Burntisland

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Life on the Fife coast in East Scotland is, and always has been, fuelled by shifting boundary lines –an ever-moving space infused by tides and weather. In the past, many peoplewere forced to choose a life at sea or a life on, or even within, the land. Here in Burntisland and the surrounding towns and villages, many chose between rock or salt –farming or mining (for coal or oil shale); fishing or shipbuilding.


Elspeth Knight (mixed media painter) recently moved to Burntisland, where Larissa Reid (poet) has lived for over five years. The pair originally met during their school days further round the Fife coast in St. Andrews. In their collaborative project, ROCK | SALT, they explore the local heritage through poetry combined with contemporary mixed media artwork. Their aim is to examine relationships in liminal spaces; how romantic relationships might weather the storms, how people build relationships with the land and sea through work and play, how blue and green and underground spaces feed into individual and collective psychologies.


Larissa has written 21 poems, capturing the voices of some of those who might have lived along the coast of South Fife over the past 200 years. Elspeth has taken each poem as inspiration for a series of mixed media 2D and 3D artworks; each incorporates places, textures, shapes and patterns from the surroundings of Burntisland and the Firth of Forth. ROCK|SALT will culminate in a 4-week exhibition at Glisk Gallery, Burntisland, from 28th October to 20th November 2022. The exhibition is open weekends, Fri-Sun, 11am-5pm, and by appointment outwith these times (please call: 07367 097446)




Elspeth Knight 

After graduating from art school with a Ba(Hons) in Contemporary Textile Practice, Elspeth exhibited in the central belt of Scotland then ran her own art gallery for several years on the Isle of Skye. She then moved to Italy where her Multiple Sclerosis finally took the feeling and control of her hands and she was forced to give up art. After several years learning even to write again she started to explore art once more, using totally new styles and techniques.


These exhibition pieces are the result of that exploratory journey, using Larissa's beautiful poetry as her inspiration as she experimented with what she was able to do and the freedom that lack of control can produce in artwork.

Instagram: ElspethKnightArt

Facebook: ElspethKnightArt


Larissa Reid

A freelance science writer by trade, Larissa has written poetry and prose regularly since 2016. Notable publications include Northwords Now, Silk & Smoke, Green Ink Poetry, Black Bough Poetry’s Anthologies, and the Beyond the Swelkie Anthology. She had a poem shortlisted for the Janet Coats Memorial Prize 2020. Larissa is intrigued by visible and invisible boundary lines in landscapes - geological faultlines, myth and reality, edge-lines of land and sea. Based on Scotland’s east coast, she balances her writing life with bringing up her daughters. Larissa is a founder member of the Edinburgh-based writing group, Twisted::Colon.

Twitter: @Ammonites_Stars
Instagram: ammonitesandstars
Blog contributor:

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